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Grade 10

Grade 10 is the second year of High School which is a part of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) certificate. To successfully complete Grade 10, students should achieve 8 Credit Points (6 Compulsory Credits + 2 Elective Credits) as part of the OSSD requirements. Further, students should take 2 Credit points [Computer literacy (1 cr) and Sustainability (1 cr)] and Religous studies (non cr) as part of the NIST Hybrid Curriculum (NHC). Therefore, full-time students should register 10 Credits [First semester (5 cr) + Second semester (5 cr)]. Part-time students are allowed to register a minimum of 1 Credit per semester.

Courses and Program Mapping

Compulsory OSSD Courses (6 Credits)

      1. Civics and Citizenship (0.5 cr)
      2. English (1 cr)
      3. Guidance and Career Studies (0.5 cr)
      4. Health Physical Education (1 cr)
      5. Mathematics (1cr)
      6. Group (1 cr) Read More
      7. Science (1 cr)

The above courses are equal to 6 Credit Points.

Description of Compulsory OSSD Courses

  1. Arts (1 cr)
  2. Business Studies (1 cr)
  3. Canadian and World Studies (1 cr)
  4. Classical Studies and International Languages (1 cr)
  5. English (1 cr)
  6. ESL: English as Second Language (1 cr)
  7. French (1 cr)
  8. Health and Physical Education(1 cr)
  9. Mathematics (1 cr)
  10. Science (1 cr)
  11. Social Sciences and Humanities (1 cr)
  12. Technological Education (1 cr)

Students are required to take any 2 CR courses from the above choices in addition to Compulsory Courses to fulfill OSSD requirements in Grade-10.

Description of Elective OSSD Courses

  1. Computer Programming (1 cr)
  2. Sustainability (1 cr)
  3. Religious Studies (non credit) 

Students are required to take 2 Credit Points (Computer Literacy and Sustainability)  as part of the NHC curriculum. In addition, Religious Studies course is highly recommended to take as part of the NIST social responsibility. This course will be chosen by the students/parent’s preferences and choices.