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SUS10: Fundamentals of Sustainability

This course is a continuation of Grade 9 course, “Introduction to Sustainability”. This is a complete course according to Ontario Curriculum for Grade 10 students that requires a total of 110 hours including lectures, assignments, quizzes and exams. Students will use their so far accomplished knowledge to understand a richer awareness into the innumerable aspects of the causes, and examples of the problems and situations raised by climate factors. As the climate factors negatively impact sustainability, the students will learn to research the issues in detail, for example, a) air quality, air pollution and its impact on environment; b) greenhouse gases and their effects; c) water pollution from industries, hospitals, factories etc. and thus impacting sustainability, d) Chemical plants, factories and refineries devastating the sustainability as well as the unacceptable managing of plastic waste. etc. Plastic pollution has been discovered on coastlines and in surface waters, residues, soil, groundwater, indoor and outdoor air, drinking water and food. The students will do extensive research and come up with solutions so that the above-mentioned pollutions are reduced and pose positive impact to both human body, environment and overall, the sustainability system. The total course is divided into 5 modules that cover all these learning outcomes.

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