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NSRIC International School in Toronto
Ontario, Canada

Linking life with learning!

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Authorized and Registered Online K12 School by the Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada – BSID No: 665414

Team at NIST

NIST offers highly qualified teachers in their respective unit to enhance the quality of education provided at NIST platform and nourish NIST’s student for a bright future.

Teachers With Vision

Our Team Members

Teachers at NIST has commendable skills for helping students learn, guide, and help them solve a problem. Our teachers has excellent communication skills so that the students can understand everything and learn with ease. 


Asad Choudhary

Superintendent at NIST and Senior Teacher 

Our Principals

Geneviene Lepine

Principal at Kindergarten to Elementary and Primary School (K0-6) and Junior Teacher

Dr. Raies Hamid

Principal at Middle School (K7-8) and Senior Teacher

Khalid Mahamad

Principal at High School (K9-12) and Senior Teacher

Team members at different levels

K-HS: Homeschool Education

K0: Pre School Education

K1-6: Primary and Elementary School Education

K7-8: Middle School Education

K9-12: Highschool Education