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Authorized and Registered Online K12 School by the Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada – BSID No: 665414

Team at NIST

The members of the NIST team are highly qualified teachers in their respective fields of study to improve the quality of our students’ education and nurture students for a promising future.

Teachers With Vision

Our Team Members

Teachers at NIST have demonstrated skills for helping students learning, guidance, and help them solveing a problem. Our teachers have excellent communication skills so that the students can understand everything and learn with ease. They are well trained and highly qualified to teach Canadian curriculum based education. 


Dr. Abdul Fattah


Our Principals

Suzannah Hammond
Principal at Elementary School and Senior Teacher in Arts
Dr. Raies Hamid
Principal at Middle School and Senior Teacher in Business Studies
Nazmul Haq
Principal at High School and Senior Teacher in Mathematics

Our Vice Principals

Alaa Ababneh
Vice Principal at Elementary School and Senior Teacher Arts
Humaira Ahsan
Vice Principal at Middle School and Senior Teacher in English 

Our Teachers

Dr. Edosa Omoregie
Senior Teacher in Science and Technology
Dr. Latha Krishnadas
 Senior Teacher in Business Studies
Dr. Adenike Moradeyo
 Senior Teacher in Business Studies
Steven Moolman
Senior Teacher in Guidance and Career Education
Dr. Wonda Grobbelaar
Senior Teacher in Accounting
Dr. Alias Kurian
Senior Teacher in Mathematics
Asad A. Choudhary
Senior Teacher in Arts and Career Guidance 
Dr. Ambareen Atisha
Senior Teacher in Sustainability
Dr. Faiza Mazhar
Senior Teacher in Sustainability
Benjamin Oluwafemi
Teacher in Science
Raziya Khan
Teacher in Arts
Arunima Mishra
Teacher in Arts

Suzannah Hammond

Suzannah E Hammond (suzannahhammond@yahoo.com) a seasoned Educator with over 15 years of combined international teaching experience in ESL, LBS, Special Education, curriculum development, program re-engineering and corporate business education. She has made key contributions to educational and business institutions across Canada, the United States of America, Australia and Japan, each with a unique mandate and set of program offerings.  
Working as an English teacher in a multimedia language school in Japan, Suzannah developed course material and online lessons that were educational, engaging and fun. As a leader in the Information Technology department at Marist College in Sydney Australia she was responsible for the development, implementation and assessment of a state-of-the-art computer studies program. She was recruited by a British Council affiliate as an IELTS Teacher and Counselor to help students attain and demonstrate the level of English language proficiency needed to pursue post-graduate studies at universities and colleges in the UK. Currently, she is working with special needs students in Northern Ontario, Canada. 
Suzannah Hammond has a Bachelor of Teaching Degree (Primary)/  Currently working towards completion of a Masters of Information Technology and Education-Bathurst NSW, Australia, Ontario College of Teachers License/NSW Australia Teacher License (2002) – University of Western Sydney – Sydney, NSW, Australia, and an Honours B.A. Fine Arts Studies (1995) – York University – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Suzannah brings a global perspective gleaned from multiple international teaching engagements with people from diverse cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds. She strives to make a positive impact on the lives of her students, working as a partner to help them articulate and achieve their personal educational objectives.

Dr. Raies Hamid

Dr. Raies Hamid is the Principal in the middle school division of NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST). Dr Hamid has extensive administrative experience in managing School Program.He has a profound and energetic teaching professional experience with a Ph.D. in Management-Business Administration specialized in Human Resource Management (HRM).
From January 2016 Dr. Hamid voluntarily serves the orphans and financially poor children by providing them education and counseling. Moreover,He is encouraging their parents to enroll their children in the government school to get free education and introducing them to various schemes launched by the government and other institutions regarding free education.
Moreover, From 2019 to January 2021, He was working as a Principal/Head in Ali Public School Binjoki Kalan Malerkotla Punjab India, then he was promoted to group director in January 2021.
Throughout his 7 year career, he has developed a skill set directly relevant to the teaching/mentoring and administering in general and admission counselling the role you are hiring for in particular. It includes the delivery of effective lectures, student advising, lesson planning, student assessment, use of multimedia(PPT, LMS, SIS), curriculum development, COOP student advising, coordinator examination, preparation of examination schedule, administrative tasks, and motivating students to enroll themselves in a particular course by providing them counselling in an appropriate way. 
Also he published four research papers in international refereed journals and attended two international conferences with good impact factors. Overall, he has consistently demonstrated teaching, research, coordinating, curriculum development, and multitasking abilities in every aspect of his faculty Management role at Dar Al Uloom University Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions Jalandhar Punjab India, Ali Public School Punjab India, and UpGrad India Pvt Ltd.  

Md. Nazmul Haq

Mr. Nazmul Haq is the Principal in the high school division of NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST).
He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Bangladesh in 1995. He joined the manufacturing industry as an assistant engineer. Other than production and maintenance, \His job was to train people. Then he got the opportunity to teach students in Technical School and College. Outside the classroom, he loved hands-on training in the laboratory/workshop.
In 2005, He migrated to Canada, then he joined another manufacturing company. He started volunteering in his  kids’ Elementary and Middle School in his free time. In their after school “Homework Club” program, he used to help/teach the students in the subjects Math and Science. In 2014, he was laid off from his company and he joined a private elementary school, Baitul Mukarram Academy as a Math and Science teacher. In 2017, he joined a private secondary school, Amanah Academy North America Foundation as a Math teacher. He also had to take some other classes in their Elementary section. In the summer when schools are closed,heI runs summer school at Baitul Mukarram Academy.
Outside of teaching, He was involved in a lot of work in the community. In their neighborhood park, there is a community garden which he is the Coordinator of.Recently, he is collaborating with the City of Toronto staff to make more community gardens in our neighborhood golf club.
He is very passionate about his job and he knows that it comes with great responsibility. As a high school teacher, he walks alongside students and he knows it can be challenging, stressful, energy-draining and sometimes annoying!
He holds my students to very high standards.He lets them know they can do things they never thought they could and that I will be there to support them in the process. I strive to make my classroom a safe place for students to share their ideas and problem solve. I develop rules and guidelines for my classroom. I enforce the schools’ code of conduct in a fair and equitable manner. I remain alert and make referrals to principals as needed. I remain engaged in a team and volunteer my time to participate in assessment and improvement of policies and curriculum.

Alaa Ababneh

A committed certified class teacher; English, Science and Mathematics at leading Jordanian, Emirati and Omani schools. Currently looking for academic and administrative opportunities.

Humaira Ahsan

Ms. Humaira Ahsan (humairaa@nsric.ca ) is the HR Manager of Commerce and Management (COM) Unit of OE Division. She is also a Senior Teacher in the area of K12. She has spent many years as an Educator. She realizes the great responsibility to inspire, empower and influence the youth. She believes that students grow and achieve more when they are surrounded by involved and compassionate adults both within and outside the walls of the school. She served as a Vice Principal, Faculty Head of Arts and as an English Teacher to Elementary and High school in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. She is an articulate qualified ENGLISH teacher who is able to effectively communicate with students and skilled in applying interactive E – Learning Web Apps e.g. Zoom, Near Pod, Kahoot, and Quizlet for Online classroom.
She is efficient in setting curriculums along with the experience of assessing students and holding examinations, planning and organizing day-to-day activities related to teaching. She is highly dedicated and self-motivated professional with proficiency in organizing workshops, special events and companions, presentations etc.  She is Certified Microsoft Innovative Teacher. She is awarded with many certificates as best performer and organizer.

Steven Moolman

Steven Moolman (stevenm@nsric.ca) is the Academic Coordinator at K12 School Unit, NIST. He is also a Senior Teacher in K12 School Unit of OE Division, NSRIC. In April 2014 Steven and his wife Yolanda was invited to assist the Owners of the privately run Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation (ACCR) with the Educational Transformation process. They are currently building a world class Center for the Disabled.  Yolanda is responsible for the Residential Program and Steven is responsible for the Coordination of all Programs. I am currently in my fifth month of my probation period. No one is more focused than Steven Moolman on making a project come together – securing difficult government entitlements, surpassing employers, partners, and associates expectations, and motivating teams to execute the vision and exceed goals. A master fixer, he tackles problems head-on,
“As a management leader, I always try to understand what someone else’s world looks like, why they are the way they are, and what drives their concerns and decisions.”
Steven tells it straight. He is driven by a fundamental belief in honesty – offering his employers, partners and associates direct viewpoints on where the business stands; providing accurate feedback and evaluation to his teams; giving governmental officials the straight story to gain grants and approvals; and safeguarding the best interests of all parties concerned. For more than thirty years, being driven by a passion for education Steven has been working with young people, either as their teacher, tutor, youth leader, choir master, coach, house father and/or educational manager instilling in them a sense of dignity and self respect in order for them to respect others. Steven was a teacher and Principal for more than twenty years before becoming the Director and Principal of Marsh Memorial Homes, a Children’s Home where he has been for more than eight (8) years before taking up the Leadership Development and Support Portfolio at Symphonia in January 2014 and subsequently the Program Coordinator at ACCR in Al Ain. Steven is not only a fluent and well-informed public and motivational speaker, he also has a passion for road running. He completed the Comrades (Ultra 89 km) Marathon three times. In 2009 in order to swell the coffers of the Children’s Home he obtained “kilometre sponsorships” whilst taking part in the Comrades Marathon. He raised more than R180 000 with that project.  His other passions are music and community development work. This perhaps is a true example of a leader who puts his body on the line. 
Steven Moolman even appeared in an American movie called Adopted where he played Alan, the orphanage principal which was shot on location at Marsh Memorial Homes in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

Dr. Wonda Grobbelaar

Ms. Wonda Grobbelaar (wondag@nsric.ca) is the Professor of Practice in the area of Human Resources Management at Commerce and Management Unit of OE Division, NSRIC. She is also a Country Manager (Marketing) for UAE at Marketing Division, NSRIC. She is also a faculty member of HTMi Switzerland Dubai and a research contributor at DUBAI FUTURE FOUNDATION . She earned a MBA IN Total Quality Management from the University of Wolverhampton , UK. She also obtained a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and has a diploma in Culinary Arts (Pastry Chef). She is currently a DBA candidate at Anglia Ruskin University. The estimated completion date is 2022. Her research interests are Product Efficiency in BOH, Creating Lean Cultures together with Robotics in BOH, Neuroergonomics in the workplace, Sustainability and Waste Management. She is a highly qualified Faculty Member who is driven to inspire students to pursue academic and personal excellence through blended learning techniques. Wonda has been teaching a wide spectrum of hospitality courses such as management and leadership, tourism, and culinary arts. She has been also been conducting workshops in different subjects online.


She is passionately committed to creating positive change in the development of students and contributing to research on Neuroergonomics in operations in a hybrid facility. She recently started publishing journal papers of which one was recently published in the JOP. Wonda has been teaching a wide spectrum of hospitality courses such as management and leadership, tourism, and culinary arts. She has been also conducted several online workshops.

Asad Choudhary

Asad Choudhary (asadc@nsric.ca) is the Principal in area of K9-12 at K12 School Unit, NIST. He is also a Senior Teacher in area of K9-12 at K12 Unit of OE Division, NSRIC. Asad Choudhary is a dynamic and passionate award-winning school principal with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. He is skilled in communication, educational technology, instructional design, leadership theories, policy development, research, and strategic planning. Asad graduated from Carleton University with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Mathematics, and completed his Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa. He is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) in good standing.  Asad also pursued his Master’s in Education with the key focus on the Psychology of learning and using innovative technological means inside classrooms and online environments. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the Field of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies in the Faculty of Education at Western University. He serves as the principal of the London Islamic School and is on the advisory councils of the Horizon Leadership Academy and Tarbiyah Learning Academy.  Asad also serves as doctoral research & teacher assistant at Western University and a part-time professor at Fanshawe College in the School of Community Studies.
Asad is committed to academic excellence and imparting critical thinking skills; fostering innovative minds to better serve their respective societies and their global communities. He was the recipient of the 2016 Alberta Distinguished Leadership Award while serving as principal with Palliser Regional Schools in Alberta, Canada, and is a provisional trainer-consultant of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program®.  He has a deep passion for NSRIC’s vision of disseminating knowledge to others and is excited to apply his expertise in our K-12 unit.

Dr. Ambareen Atisha

Dr. Ambareen Atisha (ambareena@nsric.ca) is the Senior Faculty in area of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Engineering Unit of OE Division, NSRIC. She is also a HR Manager for K12 Unit at CEO Office, NSRIC. Dr. Ambareen Atisha is a student-centered Professor with expertise in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments, and a decade-long background of supporting students, developing academic instructional plans, and providing equitable  assessments. She has been working as a Faculty Member at Sheridan Institute of Technology since 2017, and was Lab Supervisor at Western University, London, On, Canada prior. Alongside, she worked as a French Language Professor in Alliance Française de Dhaka from 2006-2008. Dr. Atisha’s main skills include: curriculum development, progress reporting, lesson planning, online and in-class teaching, faculty communication, designing, interpersonal skills, creating positive learning environment and continuous quality improvement.
Dr. Atisha completed her B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2001 and she did her Diploma in French Language from Alliance Francaise de Paris, France in 2006. Dr. Atisha then completed her M.Sc in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2011 and PhD in Environmental Engineering in 2017; both from Western University, London, ON, Canada. During her higher studies at Western University, she successfully worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Graduate Research Assistant from 2008-2016.
Dr. Atisha has performed extensive research in developing different remediation techniques for removal of emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals, estrogens as well as chlorinated hydrocarbons from surface water, groundwater, wastewater and soil. She has analyzed potential environmental impacts of organic pollutants through good knowledge in environmental standards and guidelines. She has 8 years of experience in using Instrumental Analysis Technique including Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Zeta Potential/ Particle Size Analyzer, FT-IR. Moreover, she is highly skilled in the utilization of different software for complex data analysis and data interpretation. She has prepared technical reports, papers for scientific journals as well as PhD thesis on basis of field investigation/survey/data, technical/scientific studies.

Dr. Atisha’s experiences have resulted her in being commended for sustaining effective learning environment through prepared classes and relevant assignments. Consistently achieving post-secondary classroom management and academic goals is one of her assets, which she continues to use to ensure her students receive the best education.

Dr. Faiza Mazhar

Dr. Faiza Mazhar (faizam@nsric.ca) is the Head of Department in area of Geography at Geology and Geography Unit of OE Division, NSRIC. She is also a Senior Faculty and Deputy Country Manager (Marketing) for Pakistan.
She completed her PhD in the field of Geography and Digital Analysis from the University of the Punjab, in 2013. She is a professional Consultant, Researcher, Editor, Writer and Professor, with more than 16 years’ experience of research and writing. Eight years’ experience of post PhD teaching and supervision in Urban Geography, GIS and Remote Sensing. Skilled in GIS & Remote Sensing Application, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Data Analysis, Urban Studies. population studies, environmental studies.  Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic research projects.  Strong background in supervision and project management. 
She has a great academic and administrative experience at Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF), at University of the Punjab (PU) and Government College University Lahore (GCU). Dr Faiza has published 13 research articles in the peer-reviewed journals so far. Currently her two books and an atlas are under process. She has strong research capabilities in geographical analysis and quantitative analysis of very large databases in different areas of research. Data driven discovery to describe trends and dynamics in public health, landscape processes, or urbanization; spatiotemporal statistics characterizing patterns of change in land use, landscape fragmentation, demographic/population structure, disease distribution, human mobility patterns; spatiotemporal data integration and descriptions of environmental change.

Oluwafemi Benjamin

Oluwafemi Benjamin (femibenjamin@nsric.ca)is the Teacher in K1-6 at K12 School Unit, NIST.  She is also the  Teacher in area of K1-6 at K12 Unit of OE Division, NSRIC.


Oluwafemi is a research scientist and educationist who has worked with several Pharmaceutical industries and technological Institute. His experience of many years ranges from teaching, research, detailing and community service. Oluwafemi Benjamin has conducted many researches, presentations and seminars in Basic Medicine, drilling engineering and pharmaceutical molecules. He is an erudite, innovative and tenacious team player. 

Arunima Mishra

I am an ardent and confident Experienced Teacher with more than 3? years of a demonstrated history of working in the Educational Industry as a lecturer as well as a school teacher. Skilled in Communication, Strong communication professional as an academic counsellor. Versatile flexibility handled various college function and lead to succeed.
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