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NSRIC International School in Toronto
Ontario, Canada

Linking life with learning!

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Authorized and Registered Online K12 School by the Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada – BSID No: 665414

About Us

NSRIC International School in Toronto (NIST) is a part of the K12 Unit of NSRIC Inc., a world-renowned Canadian institution based in London, Ontario, Canada. NIST is an Ontario-based accredited private school specialized in delivering first-class Canadian programs for students around the globe. The school follows a very vibrant blended mixture of diverse curriculum. It offers a new integrated high quality and research intensive Canadian Ministry of Education approved curriculum to fit the state-of-the art programs for our global students.


NIST provides online access to education for students at the K12 level, creating a seamless dissemination of knowledge from early childhood to graduating high school. NIST is an accredited and inspected school in Canada under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education in Ontario and offers credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). NIST is committed to graduating students all over the world with Canadian credentials to advance their admissions into prestigious universities of their choice in North America. NIST operates explicitly as an online platform for students to conveniently learn remotely in an institutional environment, without travelling, to achieve its vision and mission. NIST offers a virtual classroom model to engage students with their corresponding instructor(s) through live session(s) on a  daily/weekly basis. 

Why Choose Us?

NIST provides an elite Ontario education experience which is acknowledged as among the top education systems in the world. We are guided by a student-centered approach, which creates a unique learning environment, aligned with the Ontario K12 Curriculum, using a  modern-day inquiry-based pedagogy. We aim to connect life with learning by shaping self-directed learners and critical thinkers. Our students are educated to become global citizens, who understand their role in effecting positive change in the world around them.

Learning is the Power

Every human being is fortunate with inborn talents and the cognitive power of creativity. It is all about learning by applying these favors toward thriving in real life.  Let us start where we are, use what we have, and do what we can – called real victory.

Prof. Enamul Hossain
Founder of NIST & NSRIC Inc.

Who We Are

At NSRIC and NIST, disseminating knowledge is our core value.

The Ontario Education System, of which NIST is a part, believes that its moral purpose is to ensure that all children are educated to high intellectual levels. As twenty-first-century global citizens, we have inherited a world which demands proficiency in and adaptability to its dynamic nature, whether it would be mastery of high efficiency operating technological platforms or intricate webs of knowledge and information transferal. The bar has been set very high when it comes to understanding the world we live in. At NIST, we believe that the way forward is through change and adaptability, both of which can only come with the proper education, not only in terms of content but also in terms of the medium through which the content is delivered. Our intent, therefore, is to bring quality education to all our students. This includes support with technology to facilitate online participation.


It is noted that high school includes Grades 9 to 12 in the Canadian education system. Grades 9 to 10  are called Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Grades 11 to 12  are called Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in some countries. In the Canadian system, O-Level is  roughly equivalent to Grade 11 and A-Level is roughly equivalent to Grade 12 or higher.  However, at a minimum, successful completion of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) with five O-Level subjects in addition to at least two A-Level subjects are required for a direct admission to a Canadian college or university.

For students with an Associate of Science (AS) Level, four AS-Level subjects are required as an equivalent to five O-Level and two A-Level subjects to get admission in a Canadian college or university. For students with an AS-Level, four AS-Level subjects (i.e., equivalent to five O-Level and two A-Level subjects) are needed to get admission in a Canadian college or university. In other countries such as the Caricom region, O-Level is called CXC and A-Level is called CAPE.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Our professionals and dedicated teams work ‘day and night’ to reach out to every child with quality education. Our diverse and skilled educators, based on their expertise, are thoroughly proficient in effectively delivering the Ministry of Education’s mandate of required course learning outcomes, while also taking pedagogy to a new level by specializing in techniques which can confer the kind of technological know-how demanded by today’s global community. Our values are based on integrity, professionalism, transparency, and dedication.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Students learn at their own pace, specialized for optimal learning and growth. Online classes offer the opportunity for faster learners to work at their own pace and slow learners to take the time to make sure they understand the material. NIST offers blended (pre-recorded video clips plus virtual sessions) course(s) offerings. This mode of communication will enhance the learning process of our students and audiences.