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SUS06: Sustainability and Home Lifestyle 

This course is designed for students in Grade 6. In this course, students will be able to relate the routine practices of life with actions toward sustainability. Students will learn a case study of Japan which is an island country with urban population density seventeen times greater than American cities. Therefore, application of various attempts to live in a sustainable way is a prerequisite in Japan. The necessity to adjust lifestyle is more intensely considered. By the end of this course, students will learn how people faces the challenge of preserving water, energy, and material resources – including how to dispose of its waste. The course is designed comprising with five modules. Module 1 is based on resource consumption. In this module, students will learn to demonstrate disposable chopsticks customs and will multiply to estimate the number of pairs of chopsticks that are used every year. Module 2 demonstrates trash and recycling-sorting chart and pickup schedule to students. The module will show that despite being just a small item, with a population as large as Japan’s, small items add up to a lot of trash. Students will learn how with limited space available for landfills, Japan has a waste management challenge and maintain sustainable environment. Module 3 is on water usages at bathroom, kitchen and laundry that demonstrates how people reduce water consumption and reuse greywater in their homes. In Module 4, students will learn that Japanese houses do not have central heating and air conditioning; however it is still very hard to reduce the use of energy. The builders therefore, encouraged by government, build Zero Net Energy Houses (ZEH). Finally, Module 5 teaches the students the cultural value where they put effort to make their lifestyle more sustainable. This is a complete course according to Ontario Curriculum and requires a total of 110 hours including lectures, assignments, quizzes and exams.
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