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MAT05: Mathematics  

This course is designed for Grade 5 students to teach mathematics by addressing five important aspects of mathematics such as (i) number; (ii) algebra; (iii) data, (iv) spatial sense and (v) financial literacy. Students continue to deepen their sense of self. They use graphs and data visualization tools to provide information for reflection and learning in all five strands of Mathematics. In number, students continue to work with numbers up to 100,000. Students are introduced to per cents and continue to build their understanding of decimals and fractions. Students are introduced to adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Students are expected to know multiplication facts from 0 × 0 to 12 × 12. They also solve problems involving more than one operation with whole and decimal numbers. In algebra, students continue to classify patterns as repeating, growing and shrinking. Students begin to write and solve algebraic equations involving whole numbers, such as 3 + x = 24 – 5. Students apply their understanding of multiplication and ratios to create and execute code for patterns that grow. They use the process of mathematical modelling to solve problems drawn from real-life, such as creating a design for a school playground and calculating how much the play structures they have chosen would cost.
In data, students learn about the importance of using various sampling techniques to get “good” data. They create infographics and learn how to identify when graphs are misleading. Students begin to use experiments to understand the concept of probability. In spatial sense, the development of spatial sense continues as students study the triangle. Students learn the characteristics and properties of different kinds of triangles, including their angles and measurements. Work continues in understanding and using the metric system to measure length, area, mass and capacity, and to convert from larger units to smaller ones. In financial literacy, students learn about different ways to transfer money between people and organizations, such as e-transfers and cheques. They calculate the total cost and change required for cash transactions involving items priced in dollars and cents, using mental math and other strategies. Students learn how to determine the best value for an item. Students prepare basic budgets and learn about the concepts of credit and debt.
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