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MAT04: Mathematics  

This course is designed for Grade 4 students to teach mathematics by addressing five important aspects of mathematics such as (i) number; (ii) algebra; (iii) data, (iv) spatial sense and (v) financial literacy. To learn about positive motivation, students will use a variety of tools and strategies in all five strands of Mathematics. In number, work with numbers up to 10,000 and are introduced to decimals. They learn how decimal numbers are used in life, such as taking a person’s temperature on a thermometer and when making and recording precise measurements. Students will begin to divide two- and three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole number and are expected to know multiplication facts from 1 × 1 to 10 × 10. They also begin to solve problems that require more than one operation with whole numbers. In algebra, students build their knowledge of patterning as they begin to classify patterns as repeating or increasing. They also begin to determine the values that make algebraic statements. Students learn to write and read code to create geometric designs. They will also use the modelling process to analyse and create solutions for real-life situations.
In data, students learn about the importance of developing an understanding of data continues as students collect, organize and display two or more data sets using frequency tables and multiple-bar graphs. Students begin to learn how to create an infographic, so that they can tell a story about data. In spatial sense, students learn the characteristics and properties of a rectangle, one of the most common shapes in our everyday life. Students learn how to determine the area of a rectangle and the relationship between the various units in the metric system – a measurement system used throughout Canada and most of the world. In financial literacy, students learn that there are different ways to pay for goods and services. Students also learn how consumers determine whether an item is good value for the price.
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