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MAT02: Mathematics  

This course is designed for Grade 2 students to teach mathematics by addressing five important aspects of mathematics such as (i) number; (ii) algebra; (iii) data, (iv) spatial sense and (v) financial literacy. Students practice critical and creative thinking in all five strands of Mathematics. In number, work with numbers up to 200. They develop and apply their growing understanding of numbers in various ways, such as solving problems involving addition and subtraction. They continue to work with fractions through the context of sharing things equally. In algebra, students use shapes and numbers to continue to learn about patterns and how to extend them. They also learn about equality by adjusting pairs of addition and subtraction statements to make them equal. Students will develop code to move multiple objects from one location to another on a grid at the same time. They will also use mathematical modelling to analyse and create solutions for real-life situations.
In data, students continue to develop their understanding of data as they learn ways to collect, organize, display and interpret more complicated data. They will learn about the likelihood of events happening and how that can be used to make informed decisions. In spatial sense, students continue to develop their spatial sense as they learn to visualize what different shapes look like when they are turned around or taken apart. They learn to recognize and describe more complex shapes and create simple maps of familiar places. Tools such as rulers will be used to accurately measure the lengths of objects, and timers and clocks are used to measure how much time has passed. In financial literacy, students build on their understanding that money has value and identify different ways to represent the same amount of money.
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