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HPE00: Health and Physical Education (self-regulation and well-being)

This course is designed for students at kindergarten under self-regulation and well-being. The course addresses four important aspects of health and physical education such as (i) self-awareness and self-reliance; (ii) health and physical activity; and (iii) social relationships and (iv) awareness of surroundings. In self-awareness and self-reliance, students recognize personal strengths and accomplishments; identify and talk about their own interests and preferences; express their own thoughts and share experiences; adapt readily to new situations; demonstrate self-reliance; attempt new tasks willingly; demonstrate self-control by following classroom rules and routines in different contexts in school. In health and physical activity, students name body parts and talk about their function; identify nutritious foods; select clothing appropriate for the weather; practice appropriate personal hygiene; identify safe and unsafe situations, materials, and equipment; identify and apply basic safety rules; identify substances that are harmful to the body; demonstrate understanding that adults make most decisions regarding safety rules, and seek assistance when needed; participate willingly in creative movement, dance, and other daily physical activities; use different types of equipment and materials with ease; demonstrate balance, ease, and flexibility in movement; demonstrate spatial awareness. In social relationships, students act and talk in appropriate ways with peers and adults during activity periods; demonstrate consideration for others by helping them; share responsibility for planning classroom events and activities; identify feelings and emotions and express them in acceptable ways; use a variety of simple strategies to solve social problems; recognize, in situations involving others, advances or suggestions that threaten their safety or well-being. In awareness of surroundings, students express their feelings of wonder and curiosity about the world; describe different kinds of weather and the ways in which people adapt to the weather; investigate and describe familiar geographical features in their area; identify ways in which people use the natural environment; recognize special places and buildings within their community, and describe their function; talk about time in relation to certain events or activities; identify patterns and cycles in their daily lives; identify some events that occur every year; identify people who help others in the community, and describe what they do.
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Course Regular Price: US$600 – Full-time.

Reduced price: US$420 (Save US$180) – Full-time.

          Regular Price: US$650 per course [Part-time]

Reduced Price: US$600 per course (Save US$50) [Part-time]


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