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CSD00: Cognitive Skill Development (problem solving and innovations)

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This course is designed for students at kindergarten under problem solving and innovations. It is essential to learn on how to think creatively, analytically, and critically in all parts of life. Naturally, children are inquisitive. They gain understanding of the world around them by asking questions, testing hypotheses, solving difficulties, and thinking creatively. Children develop their cognitive skills by playing, exploring and inquiring to innovate and solve problems. This course is designed based on four focus points such as (i) play-doh, (ii) stack it and (iii) bird feeders. In play-doh, the recipe is ideal for teaching youngsters how to make their own play-doh. It is a fun medium that children may use to express their creativity and thoughts. Students will also be able to measure, using non-standard units of the same size, and compare objects, materials, and spaces in terms of their length, mass, capacity, area, and temperature, and explore ways of measuring the passage of time, through inquiry and play-based learning. Moreover, students will be competent to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and their theories and ideas, through various art forms and demonstrate an awareness of themselves as dramatists, actors, dancers, artists, and musicians through engagement in this course. In stack it, activity enables students to find different materials (outside and inside) and see if they are stackable. Students test out how many they can stack, ask different prompting questions like: “why do you think this item stacks easier?”, “How many of these items do you think you can stack?”, etc., count them out, sort the items, and discover play alongside learning mathematical concepts. During this activity, student will demonstrate an understanding of numbers, using concrete materials to explore and investigate counting, quantity, and number relationships. Furthermore, children will be applying the mathematical processes to support the development of mathematical thinking, to demonstrate understanding, and to communicate thinking and learning in mathematics, while engaged in play-based learning and in other contexts. The pre-recorded video clips for different activities will be displayed. In bird feeders, students are allowed to use technological problem-solving skills, on their own and with others, in the process of creating and designing (i.e., questioning, planning, constructing, analyzing, redesigning, and communicating).Students will learn to demonstrate a sense of identity, a positive self-image and an awareness of their surroundings. 

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