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BMX3E: Marketing: Retail and Service, Workplace Preparation

About Course

This course focuses on marketing activities in the retail and service sectors. Students will examine trends and global influences on marketing decisions, and will learn about the importance of customer service in developing a customer base and maintaining customer loyalty. Through hands-on learning, students will develop personal selling and information technology skills that will prepare them for a variety of marketing-related positions in the workplace.
Prerequisite: None


What Will You Learn?

  • • Identify the four parts of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion)
  • • Describe how they influence marketing activities (e.g., selling, advertising, customer
  • • Service, distribution, promotion); – describe the types of products (e.g., goods, services; durable, non-durable) offered by retail and service businesses;
  • • Define the basic nature and scope of marketing activities (e.g., sales, pricing, branding,
  • • Classify products according to type (e.g., good, service, event; consumer, industrial, institutional);
  • • Describe the role of public relations as a component of promotional strategies;
  • • Explain the need for firms to demonstrate good corporate citizenship and organizational ethics in their day-to-day marketing practices (e.g., truth in advertising, confidentiality of marketing research, observing regulations regarding advertising to children, informing consumers of safety issues);
  • • Classify employment opportunities by marketing function (e.g., sales, transportation, advertising);
  • • Describe the steps and stages in the creation of a marketing plan for a good, service, or event;
  • • Produce a marketing plan for the selected product, using current information Technology
  • • Outline a strategic plan (e.g., goals, marketing research, purpose of product, mission statement) for a real or simulated product (good, service, or event);
  • • Apply the marketing mix to the selected product;

Course Content

• explain how marketing influences consumers and competition; •describe the process by which goods and services are exchanged; • demonstrate an understanding of the importance of marketing research to a business and how information technology can be used to obtain and analyse marketing-related information; • analyse marketing strategies used by organizations in the not-for-profit sector; • compare the factors that influence marketing methods and activities in the global economy.

explain the stages of product development; • explain the factors involved in the pricing of goods, services, and events; • compare a variety of distribution strategies and the logistics associated with them; • demonstrate an understanding of the strategies involved in the promotion of goods, services, and events.

explain the effects of new information technologies on marketing strategies and consumer trends; • identify and describe various environmental, ethical, social, and legal issues that affect marketing activities; • demonstrate an understanding of the potential for participation in the global marketplace; • summarize, on the basis of computer research, career pathways in marketing.

• Exploring new markets • identify and describe the various classifications of merchandise• analyse the uses of a marketing plan. • describe and demonstrate examples of good customer service techniques used in the retail and service industries to increase sales and build reputation • outline the organizational structures of retail and service businesses along with job descriptions for positions in these businesses and more

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