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SUS07: Changemakers for Sustainability

This course is designed for Grade 7 students. In this course, students will study the hypothesise themselves as changemakers. By learning from their peers and other members of the community, students will begin to put together plans for how they can make it to the world around them a safer place. Students will effectively address the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of the issue(s) being explored. Along with that, students will learn to complete a graphic organizer, arrange an interview, use a Venn diagram, use sketch note, and use the scientific method to solve a problem.  This is a 5-module full course according to Ontario Curriculum and requires a total of 110 hours including lectures, assignments, quizzes and exams. Each module has different learning objectives. In Module 1 students are exposed to the SDGs based on the issues that they choose to look at it in their community. The next Module gives the students an opportunity to look at an issue, discover why it is an issue, and come up with ways to do change for the future in regard to this issue in their community. It includes learning experiences that take advantage of issues/elements within the local community. Module 3 demonstrates the students the ways to become changemakers in society. Students will use sketch noting as a visual means to depict, organize and analyze information from interviews and build a Venn diagram to make comparisons and connections among their interviewees and each other. Finally, Students will use the scientific method to define the problem they are going to address, share their thoughts about the problem, hypothesize a solution to the problem, refine their solution, and develop an action plan.
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